About Us

Staalboer is a Proudly South African company manufacturing steel panel reservoirs with capacities ranging from 15 000l to 4 000 000l and heights ranging from 1,3m to 4,9m. The structures are fully galvanized and have a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.  Our dams are made from flat steel panels with stiffening rings at the top and bottom and in between as necessary. They have a more pleasing appearance and much better wind resistance than corrugated dams. These cost-effective reservoirs are easy to transport by a long wheelbase bakkie, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The dams can be erected in minimal time by unskilled labour using only basic hand tools and they don’t require a concrete floor. However, Staalboer can do the erection for you.

The liquid is contained by a polyester net-reinforced PVC liner with seams made by a high frequency welding process to provide watertight joints.  The liner is suitable for potable water and a wide range of chemicals and liquid fertilizer. It carries a 10 year pro-rata warranty against sun damage.

They can be fitted with a 40% or 95% shade net galvanized roof structure. Some sizes can be fitted with a galvanized steel dome roof.  The dams can be fitted with any size or number of inlets and outlets. An engineer certificate is available on all our structures at additional cost. 

In addition, we manufacture a range of water tank stands for 2 500l, 5 000l and 10 000l tanks in heights of 1,5m, 3,0m, 4,5m, 6,0m, 7,5m, 9,0m and 12,0m. These stands are either primed or fully galvanized. They have a bolted construction for easy transport and erection. Hinges on two columns eliminates the need for scaffolding or lifting equipment. We provide a galvanized platform on both our primed and galvanized stands. The structure comes with a structural engineering certificate.

All material used complies with ISO standards. Our expert teams are available to do erections country wide and cross border. We are registered as exporters.

Email us at jan@staalboer.co.za or phone Liz at 082 210 0999.