Steelpanel Dams

Steelpanel Dams – Our reservoirs are made from Z275 galvanized steel sheets and hot dipped galvanized tubing. All bolts and nuts are galvanized. The structure carries a 10-year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship. The steel sheets can also be replaced with stainless steel upon request.

steelpanel dam1

The liquid is contained by a blue, black or grey polyester-net-reinforced PVC liner with seams made by a high frequency welding process to provide watertight joints. The liner material resists a wide range of chemicals. The liner has an excellent resistance to UV radiation and carries a 10-year pro-rata warranty against sun damage.

The steelpanel dams can be fitted with a 40% shade net structure to keep debris out of the reservoir or an 80% shade net structure that inhibits algae growth. The cover prevents birds, insects, leaves and other debris entering the water.

Our standard reservoir sizes start from 3.8m diameter up to 45.6m and range in height from 1.3m up to 4.9m. The reservoirs are supplied with a 50mm outlet as standard, but any size up to 300mm can be fitted upon request.

The reservoirs can be easily installed with unskilled labour and without any specialised equipment. Trained installation teams are also available to ensure customer satisfaction.

A Galvanized steel dome roof is available on reservoirs with a diameter of 6.1m, 9.1m, 12.2m, 15.2m or 18.2m. An engineering certificate is available on all our reservoirs and steel dome roofs upon request.

Steelpanel dams2
steelpanel dams3